Shannon Harvey
Monkey100 is a business that believes design can be a tool for social change with the t-shirt as the ultimate mobile canvas. Our name was inspired by a parable about how critical mass is achieved. The parable tells of how a radically new behavior started by one group of monkeys soon spread to islands of monkeys thousands of miles away. The 100th monkey is the number needed for an idea or new behavior to really take off; it's the tipping point for massive social change. Monkey100 started with the Fossil Fuel Series of prints. They're meant to get people thinking about our relationship to oil and were inspired by looking at the fossil behind our fuel. This year, Shannon introduces new prints including a Salmon Series based on her research of salmon and their importance to the Pacific Northwest ecosystem. Every design tells a story which wearers will find printed on the sleeve. "The idea of wearing your heart on your sleeve is important. Too often, we think we should hide our strong feelings and ideas but this dialogue is really what's needed if we're going to heal ourselves and the planet." Shannon, Monkey100 Founder.